As Google Premier Partners, the team at Wolf & Key knows what we’re doing when it comes to the ads we produce for our clients. On top of that, we bring our “Purpose Over Profit” mentality into our ads as well. What we mean by this is, if you’re a consumer who is seeing an ad from one of our clients, it’s because we’ve done the research and truly feel you’ll benefit from that product or service. And what this means for our clients is that we are giving them qualified leads through extensive targetting and development of a buyer persona.

How This Helps Buyers

We aren’t producing ads for the sake of consumerism. Wolf & Key doesn’t feel the need to mass produce promotions just so more people will purchase from our clients. Our ads are created with as much intentionality as the rest of our content. Besides, how tiring is it to see countless ads on your social feed that are meaningless to you?

Our digital marketing team works hard to pinpoint what kind of person would be most likely to enjoy seeing ads from our clients. We use our research to determine how relevant an ad would be to you based on not only demographics but also psychographics – also known as your interests and needs. Do you remember following a chiropractic clinic on Facebook a while ago? Or maybe searching for the best car repair? That’s why now you’re seeing ads related to those topics. Wolf & Key does the research so that you only see ads for products or services that will benefit you. There’s nothing to be gained (in our eyes, at least) in shoving endless ads in your face. All that does is burn you out on a product. Instead, keeping them applicable to your needs and interests allows you to discover new brands and companies that matter to you.

How This Helps Businesses

So what does all of this mean for our clients? In the marketing industry, “leads” are something that a lot of people are looking for. With the techniques we use, our clients’ ads only reach “qualified leads.” That means they’re reaching people who are a great fit for what they have to offer.

Think about it this way – as a business owner, would you rather spend the money to have 1,000 people see your ad in the hopes that a handful of them would be interested? Or would it be better to spend the money to narrow down that group of people who would like your product or service and advertise directly to them?

Yes, we could create an ad campaign that reached a huge number of people, qualified lead or not. But what would the purpose of that be? It would be wasting the time of both our client and the users who see the ad. Instead, our team works hard on figuring out who would benefit the most from what our clients have to offer. From there, we create and tailor our ads to address that audience. The result: increased sales, brand awareness and much more. If you’re interested in what leads Wolf & Key can bring to your company, check out our application page now.