Even really, really great marketing can turn out, well, not so great. The company behind Fabletics’ marketing, TechStyle Fashion Group, is in hot water (again) for alleged deceptive marketing. You may remember a few years back when Fabletics was in the news for its decidedly tricky marketing techniques. In fact, TechStyle settled a $1.8 million lawsuit in 2014 that alleged that its brands used misleading advertising. In the Fabletics case (and now Savage x Fenty), the membership charges that are required for the low prices advertised are not immediately disclosed. But what does this have to do with digital marketing, and why should you care?

Why We Care

As a digital marketing agency, we try to stay caught up on the goings-on of the industry as a whole. So, naturally, when huge brand names come up in marketing news, we’re interested. After all, trends, challenges, and changes come and go. So we care. We care because every lawsuit that pops up in the marketing world changes the way it works. We care because deceptive marketing is one of the reasons we got into this industry. To change it. To make the norm transparent, honest, powerful marketing. No deception needed. But also, we care because everyone should care. 

Why Everyone Should Care 

Deceptive marketing is prevalent in society. Whether it’s a tricky membership charge or Juul targeting a young audience with false advertising. It’s allegations that say Savage x Fenty “ensnares consumers into unwanted monthly charges.” No matter what, marketing can be confusing. Words smushed together in a way to mislead the buyer. Keeping this knowledge under your belt makes you an informed consumer. And for marketing professionals, it shows that deceptive marketing is not your friend. 

False advertising is still present all around us. It’s our responsibility as marketing professionals to put purpose over profit and be intentional about our ads, rather than deceptive. That’s what Wolf & Key is all about, so if you’re looking for help with your marketing strategy reach out today.