Wondering what to do this weekend? The Pack’s got you covered with our favorite places to go in Colorado Springs.

If you’ve followed Wolf & Key for any amount of time, you probably know by now that we love hangin’ out as a Pack. We also love the fact that our founders happened to give us a name that allows us to call ourselves a Pack because it makes us feel cooler than other people, but that’s beside the point.

Circling back, we love where we work and we love the city we work in. So, when we do decide to head out on a Packtivity, whether it’s a few of us or all of us, there are a few places we love to frequent. Here are the Pack’s top 5 favorite places to go in Colorado Springs.

5. Shuga’s

Shuga’s is a Colorado Springs classic that you’ve either been going to for years or you’ve never heard of. This tiny place is tucked away just south of downtown COS on Cascade and has awesome coffee, creative drinks, and great food from soups to salads and sandwiches to desserts. It’s usually pretty packed on weekends, but it’s totally worth the wait.

4. Overdrive Raceway

This was one of our first Packtivities and we still love it! This two level go-kart track also has a bar upstairs, pool tables, food, arcade games, and a live DJ on the weekends. If you’re lookin’ for somewhere to go that’s a little more out of the ordinary, this is a super fun option!

3. Dos Santos

Dos Santos is a newbie to Co Springs (as in it opened like one month before this post was written) and it’s SO good. We can already tell that this will be one of our favorite places to go in Colorado Springs for a looong time because it rocks the tacos, and we effing love tacos. We hold pretty firm on the fact that you can tell how good a taco place is by it’s tortillas—these guys make awesome ones. It’s also got a really cool atmosphere, especially if you can sit outside in the summer. Everything’s good, but we especially recommend the guac trio and Arrachera taco.

2. Pig Latin

Pig Latin is way up there on our list because it’s BOMB. It started as a food truck here in the Springs (it parks off Boulder Street behind The Wild Goose) and it’s since grown to be a restaurant as well. The great thing is that the restaurant is further up north, off Union and Dublin. We love that because it gives northerners cooler food options too, instead of always having to go closer to downtown. The restaurant, Pig Latin Cocina, offers all the same things the food truck does and then some. Really, you can’t go wrong with anything at this place. But they have $3 taco Tuesdays AND Thursdays, which is always a good idea. And their Pig Latin plate, cheesy rice balls, and Piggy grilled cheese are frequently craved around here.

1. Lee Spirits Co./Brooklyn’s on Boulder

Brooklyn’s is absolutely number one on our list of favorite places to go in Colorado Springs. There are so many great things we could say about it from the cool speakeasy style to the friendly (and insanely knowledgeable) bartenders. Brooklyn’s is actually the tasting room for Lee Spirits Co, which was started by some really cool dudes who wanted to bring pre-prohibition gin and gin drinks back into the limelight.

So no, you wont find any Jäger or Jack Daniels (don’t even think about asking for any). It’s all gin. But even if you’re not a gin drinker, go anyway. Because these are the best drinks in all of Colorado Springs without a doubt. It’s hard to even find the words to try and convince you to go here… just do it. Do it and then comment on this post or somewhere on our social media and let us know what you thought. We’re positive there’s no way you’ll have anything except a great experience.

Honorable Mention: Any Chick-Fil-A

Because it’s the Lord’s chicken. Customer service is 110%. Would recommend any time of day. Should be on every “best of” list ever.

Hopefully this gave you some good ideas when you’re looking to get out and find new places to go in Colorado Springs! There are LOADS more that we just couldn’t fit in here, so if you want a specific suggestion, drop us a comment and we’ll let you know our thoughts!