We’re a month into 2019, and Wolf & Key is embracing the “new year new me” thing. If you haven’t noticed, we’re changing our look. And here’s why:


Intentionality is huge for us, and we lay it out pretty clearly with three words: Purpose Over Profit. Those three words helped us shape our brand. They helped us shape our culture. They helped us shape our Wolf Pack.

And now, those three words are shaping the growth and evolution of W&K.


Why We’re Doing It

We’re looking to become a name synonymous with digital marketing. We’re looking to give more people who care about their business the opportunity to grow that business. We already work with some amazing clients. This year we want to use all of the tools we have to give even more people the chance to work with us.

We’re not considering ourselves a startup anymore. At this point, we’ve outgrown that stereotype. Of course, there will still be a dog running around every once in a while. But we’re a well-established firm, and in 2019, it’s all about growth and helping our clients turn their passions into results.


How We’re Doing It

The Culture

Anyone who knows W&K knows that we’re all about culture. While the bean bag chairs and nerf dart wars were fun, we have an incredible team of digital marketing experts. We are one of 5 Google Premier Partners in Colorado. There are only 150 in the country. Our videographers are Adobe Certified. Our copywriters have four-year degrees and have been through extensive college programs. We want people to recognize how talented our team is.

That means a fresh, new image is in order.


The Image

The new company image was the easy part.





Of course, we will always remain humble. Think Wolf & Key 2018, but we added a suit and tie. Because we know our potential and we’re not about to underestimate it.


The Content

From video series to newsletters to Instagram feeds — we want all of our content to fall in line with our new image and new priorities. Like our new video series “Key Exchanges” where Taylor and Adam sit down with local business owners, or our upcoming video series “Thoughts on the Rocks” (stay tuned for that, it’s just as awesome as it sounds).

This year is going to be full of big changes and even bigger growth. And more importantly, it’s going to be full of intentionality. 

Cheers to 2019: Our soon-to-be best year yet.