With 321 million monthly users, Twitter is a huge platform. But it’s sometimes forgotten about when it comes to digital marketing. We’ve discussed marketing on Instagram, Facebook – even Snapchat. But Twitter is a huge market, with literally millions of users who can be exposed to your content. So how do you market on such a large platform? And, more importantly, how do you do it right? 

How To Do It

The first thing that’s important to understand is that Twitter users are more likely to engage with brands than they are on other platforms. Engagement is crucial to a successful social media strategy. It pushes your content up in the algorithm and exposes it to more users. So instead of posting nothing but links with a bunch of hashtags, be intentional about the things you post. Posting this content will allow user engagement. 

Now you have to engage back. According to research, 77% of users feel more positive about brands that reply back to them. It creates a personal connection, building brand loyalty, and increasing sales. All of that with a simple reply to a Tweet. 

Another great habit to develop is Tweeting during a major event. When the Oscars are on, Tweet content that relates your brand to the Oscars. Or, like Budweiser and many other brands did, you can Tweet about the U.S. Women’s National Team winning the World Cup.

twitter, #Trending: Digital Marketing on Twitter

Or go the route of Archie Comics’ official Twitter, commenting on the newest Royal Baby’s name. twitter, #Trending: Digital Marketing on Twitter

Not to mention, the day of TV ads may not be over, but Twitter ads during big events were proved 11% more effective than TV ads at the same time. 

Why You Need To Do It

Well, because the numbers don’t lie. Because over 300 million people use it every month. Because brand loyalty increases brand awareness. Because your brand has a personality, and once you’ve discovered what it is, you can build it with Twitter. So, even though Twitter isn’t widely regarded as a marketer’s platform of choice, maybe it should be. When done correctly, it can lead to hugely successful campaigns. You just have to do it correctly. 

No matter how experienced you are with Twitter, sometimes you need help. If you’re in need of social media assistance, or any other digital marketing services give us a shout