Moving Websites Between Servers – Adam Talks – Eps. 10


If you’ve either created a new website, or you don’t want your site hosted on your current server, this post will help explain how to move a website from one server to another.

One of the easiest ways to move a website from server to server is using the plugin Duplicator. (Yay! More plugins!)

We’re going to be using a WordPress site as our example, so if you aren’t using a WordPress site… uh… sorry.  

How to Move A Website From One Server to Another Using Duplicator

  1. After installing and activating Duplicator, it will appear in the sidebar on the left of the screen.
  2. Hover over it and then click on Packages.
  3. Look for the button that says “ Create New” on the right side of the screen.
  4. On the next screen you’ll name the package whatever you want, then click next.
  5. Once that’s done, the plugin will scan your site and let you know if there are any issues.
  6. Even if there are issues, you can still have it build the package. This may take several minutes so don’t worry!
  7. Once that’s completed, you’ll need to download the Installer and the Archive separately to get them moved over to the new server.
  8. Next you’ll move the files using your FTP or cPanel.
  9. Upload the files in an empty directory (this generally will be something like public_html/yourdomain).
  10. When done, type into your URL bar http://your-domain/your-wp-directory/installer.php and follow the prompts.
  11. Click the net button, enter your database info, test your connection, and click next again.
  12. Now your website should be up and running. You just need to uninstall the installer.php. 

You’ve successfully moved your WordPress website from server to server, congrats!