Here’s the deal. The majority of the time, we try to keep our blogs at least somewhat professional (and generally useful) around here. But seriously, sometimes you gotta vent. So we’re gonna. ‘Cause we CAN.

If you’ve followed the Wolf Pack for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen bits and pieces of our new office on our Instagram, Facebook, the blog, whatever. If you haven’t, you’re behind but that’s fine. Here it is:


warehouse, Working in a Warehouse: The Pros & Cons

It’s soooo cool, right? Right! Usually. Most of the time. Then there are the other times. When it’s a super pain in the ass.

Let us explain what we mean as we explore the pros and cons of working in a warehouse.

The Pros

It looks SO awesome

I mean, it’s like every millennial’s dream: the perfect Instagrammable backdrop all the time. It looks awesome in literally every photo we take. Praises.

It gives our employees space to work with each other

If you read our post about building the culture of your business, you’ll probably see that our offices are a huge part of that. Everything’s open, literally and figuratively. Our employees have the space to go hang out at each other’s desks and collaborate on projects super easily. We love that.

warehouse, Working in a Warehouse: The Pros & Cons
It’s not depressing

Cubicles are the devil stuck in a carpet-wrapped three-sided box. Which is why we’re super happy none of us have to work in one. Each employee gets their own space, but we’re also all together in one big room like the happy family we are.

The mountains are literally right in front of our faces

Garage doors! We are super lucky 1) that we get to live and work in Colorado and 2) that the best thing about Colorado is literally right outside our doors. Very often you’ll see the garage doors up and the team enjoying this lovely view:

warehouse, Working in a Warehouse: The Pros & Cons

We can use this old warehouse for things other than just an office space

Beyond just being the place we work, the WK offices are pretty frequently used for awesome events! It’s super fun being able to host client’s office parties, block parties, and just generally fun hangout sessions. It’s more than our office. It’s… something else too… something awesome.


The Cons


LITERALLY EVERYTHING. The spare bathroom. The street right outside our *awesome* garage doors whenever it rains. The ceiling leaks in like 4 places. So do the (plastic) windows.


There is ZERO temperature regulation

A warehouse is not designed to be a long-term living environment. The windows are literally plastic and there’s no insulation aside from the walls. And ALL the walls are concrete. That means there are very few moments when the interior temperature of our building is comfortable. The majority of the time we’re either melting in here or frozen.

We have a serious bug problem

There is a fly dive bombing one of us nearly all the time. At least three times a day, someone is flailing at what looks like nothing… but it’s an effing fly.

Visitors get confused all. the. time.

No one know’s where to go when they get here. Even though we have this sign on the door.

warehouse, Working in a Warehouse: The Pros & Cons

And it’s not even just that they don’t know where to go for us, but at least 50% of the visitors we get in our offices start their sentences with “heeey, uh, I’m looking for, uh, Boulder Street Moto?” OH MY LORD THEY’RE NEXT DOOR.

Bonus, temporary con: construction.

Since we’ve moved into this office, there has been construction on the road right next to us. It’s like they’ll never finish. The frustrations with this manifest themselves in super fun ways sometimes. Like the time none of us knew how to get into the office because every single road was blocked off. Or the time they were “preparing to pave the road” and all our windows rattled so loud that we were actually concerned they would shatter all over our computers.


Okay everyone, thanks for letting us get that out. All-in-all, we actually love our offices. Most people do, as a matter of fact. So if you’re ever thinking about stopping by,  please do. Our big giant doors are always open… even if they’re not.