Copywriting. It’s a one-of-a-kind beast. It’s totally different from any other type of writing. It’s an art form where you work to bend the will of your audiences. That might be an exaggeration, but it is the job of your copy to convince your readers of something. Whether it’s that they need to buy something, or maybe change their life, or even just signing up for something, it’s persuasion at its finest. 

But with something so tricky, how do you crack the code? Well, just like our last blog, we won’t be spilling all the secrets… But we will be sharing a few of our favorite ways to create powerful copy.

Hit Where it Hurts

Identifying what are known as “pain points” in the marketing industry is crucial to your strategy. This helps you know what you should address in your ads. Addressing the things your audience is afraid of or problems they want to be solved is a powerful tool. In this world of fast solutions to a wide variety of issues, advertisers are cashing in on what problem their product or service can solve.  

Use Simple Language 

Flowery language, big words and confusing, poetic metaphors may be fun to write. But they’re not always a pleasure to read. For many, these simply feel like a lecture that doesn’t end. Or a boring read that their eyes blaze right by. Boring your readers is the opposite of what you want to do when you’re trying to sell something. So leave the lecture language to textbooks and keep it out of your ads.  

Teach A Lesson

In the same breath as keeping the large words out of these ads, it’s also important to educate them. In this age of endless information, and a bigger emphasis on why your company matters, buyers need to be informed of these things. They want to know about the product, what it does, those problem-solving aspects we discussed, and more. Answer their questions before they have a chance to ask them. 

Make it Conversational

I know we keep switching it up. You might be asking how you’re supposed to educate, not using lengthy language AND keep it conversational all at once. But that’s what the professionals are for. Think about some of the ads you’ve seen recently. Many of them have a conversational tone. This is part of a brand’s personality, and it builds trust in the brand, increasing sales.  

Chop it Up

This one is pretty simple, and a technique that’s been used for a long time. Shorter paragraphs improve readability. Just like shorter, easy to understand words make reading more enjoyable, so do these shorter paragraphs. A few lines are much easier to approach than a huge chunk of information. 

These are a few of the many copywriting techniques we use around here. We’ve got plenty more up our sleeves. So if you need help with copy for your company, reach out and become a client today