We recently covered some holiday marketing trends that would be coming around. And, although one of the biggest shopping weekends ever has now ended, the holidays are still approaching. This means advertising remains as crucial as ever. As it’s been the past few years, we’ve seen a growth yet again in digital marketing – as well as online purchases – this holiday season. What kind of growth has the industry seen regarding the holidays and, more importantly, why does digital advertising work so well when it comes to holiday shopping? 

The Growth

Black Friday coupons, newspaper ads, television commercials, catalogs… The holidays feel like the height of traditional advertising. But that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, it’s the height of all forms of advertising. Digital needs to be emphasized, however, because according to research mobile sales are expected to account for the majority of the holiday sales for the first time in 2019. Mobile phone usage accounts for hours of people’s days, and with the number of ads consumers are shown every day, it’s easy to find deals on things they’re interested in. After all, the power of targeting an audience introduces users to products and services they’re most likely to enjoy.

But that’s only one reason digital marketing works so well around the holidays. 

The Reason

There are plenty of reasons why digital marketing works. We could talk about them until we’re blue in the face, to be honest. But one of the biggest reasons it works so well with the holidays is the concept of disruptive marketing. This kind of marketing, unlike intent-based marketing, is focused on stopping people in their tracks and showing them what they should want. When you Google “winter coats,” you’re actively looking for something you know you want. But if an ad for winter coats pops up while you’re scrolling through social media, you might not have been looking for it, but it could remind you that you need it. 

This is disruptive advertising, and it’s most of what holiday marketing is about. It’s about that ad for a toy that your niece will love. Or a reminder that you still haven’t bought your significant other a gift, so maybe they’ll love this watch. Or the hottest gift of the season that your teenager will love. These are all disruptive ads, shown to consumers in the most active season of shopping. That’s why these marketing tactics work so well at drawing purchases around the holidays. 

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