Find Copyright Free Pictures – Adam Talks – Eps. 9


If you’re building a website and you haven’t had the chance to get professional pictures, but you don’t want your site to look empty, what do you do? You can’t just Google search images and take any image you like because that’s illegal. Photographers have rights to the pictures they’ve taken and you could end up in a lawsuit if you aren’t careful. You need to figure out where to get copyright free pictures.

Where to get Copyright Free Pictures: the Answer

To help you make your website look more profesh, we have a few options to help you out. Listed below you’ll find sites that offer photos you’re allowed to use for free, without repercussions:


Where to Get Copyright Free Pictures if You Don’t Like Those Options

Like… okay. Those are a lot of options. But if you still don’t like any of them, you can use a Google search. However, make sure that, once you’re in Google Images, you find the Tools option near the search bar and click it.

You will then see a display of options, one of them being Usage Rights. Once you’ve clicked that, you’ll have a few different choices on what you’re going to use your image for. You can decide what’s best for your situation and go from there.

Can’t Find ANY Copyright Free Pictures You Like?

If you can’t find anything after all this searching, you might need to buy a stock image from Adobe Stock or ShutterStock. There isn’t any shame in that, and they aren’t even crazy expensive.

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