With this year already coming to a close, we’re already looking towards the new year. We’re seeing what we can do to improve our practices, increasing all our numbers, and predicting what will come. Web design and development, in particular, is something that changes so rapidly that it’s crucial to stay ahead of it. Take a moment to remember what the Internet looked like when you first began using it. The interface of Instagram alone has changed several times over the last few years. Looking forward, here are some things the marketing industry believes we’ll see in 2020


Clean, precise and coordinated design has been important in design this year already. We’re likely to see very minimal sites coming this next year, with most of the unnecessary content removed. This will lead to a very clear interface that has slowly been what consumers have continued to lean towards. This likely won’t cause a decrease in content creation but rather an increase in intentional content. Instead of an overload of information, graphics, images, etc, sites will produce relevant content.

Artificial Intelligence:

We’ve written in the past about the impact of artificial intelligence on digital marketing. With this technology making its way into our lives everyday, we should expect to see it utilized in web design as well. Really, AI has already found its way to some website in the form of chatbots, improving customer service and user experience. With the rapid development of this technology, we will see this in many other ways as well. 


Yes, minimalism is going to be an important, powerful piece of web design. With that being said, an absence of copy will likely lead to more image-driven content. All of these images will, of course, be curated with the same intentionality as the rest of the minimal content we will be seeing in web design. 

Development Bonus – Voice Assistance:

Integrating website content with various voice assistants like Siri, Google and Alexa will be crucial as well. This is similar to the artificial intelligence bit, but it will be interesting to watch more and more websites become involved with these voice assistants. 

No matter what 2020 brings us, these are some of the trends we expect to see in the coming year. From cleaning up the interface with the use of intentional images to the growth of different technology, we can guess we’ll be seeing a lot of changes in the digital world. If you need someone to help you through them, reach out today.