Not everyone will love every single thing you produce. The masses won’t all be receptive to everything you market. Think of your product or service as an inside joke, not everyone will understand it – but those who do enjoy it more than everyone else. That’s why it’s important to identify your audience.

What kind of buyer would be interested in what you have to offer? What kind of user would be interested in that ad you just put out? Knowing this can be the difference between hearing crickets from your audience, or seeing conversions.

Identifying an Audience

In the marketing industry, these “audiences” are referred to as personas. They are often considered tangible, real people that you can talk to, ask questions, get to know in different ways. You need to get to know your persona or, in many cases, multiple personas. Understand them inside and out. Know what they like, what they fear, what they want, what they hate. Digital marketing has become so advanced that you truly can develop entire personas for your audience(s).

Picture them in your mind. What do they look like? How old are they? What kinds of things do they buy? Where do they live? What do they eat? Make your persona as real and engaging as your next door neighbor. That’s not to say that each product or service has a singular persona. You can develop as many as you need, but it’s important to know everything that you can about them.

Then you can figure out how to sell them your product or service that is going to intentionally solve the problems or fears that they’re facing.

At Wolf & Key, our team gets together and figures out exactly what kind of person would want to buy from our clients. We do this by using demographics, psychographics and any other data we can collect about buyer habits with tools and market research.

On a deeper level, we figure out what problems our clients are facing in trying to increase sales. Then we figure out how to solve them. By understanding the audience, a digital marketing agency should be able to take any “no’s” their clients are getting from potential customers and turn them into a “yes.”

The Importance of an Audience

You don’t want to spend the time or money to advertise to a huge group of people in the hopes that some of them will be interested in your product. This worked with traditional marketing because there was no other option. But these are the days of digital marketing. Instead of tossing an ad on Facebook or throwing it on Instagram, you can boost it and target the specific audience you want, all the way down to what hobbies they have. This means instead of countless people scrolling past without a glance, a highly targeted population who are mostly already searching for a product or service like yours, that can solve their problem or fear.

For business owners, this means your money is going to the right places, that your investment in advertising is paying off. For digital marketing agencies, this means less money spent on ads that aren’t creating conversions and more time being dedicated to the practices that work. After all, conversions are what we’re looking to gain in this industry. Having a deep understanding of the people you should be marketing to is the key to results. And we’ve got all the tools you need to do so. Check out our application page today.