Relevancy. It’s everything in this day and age. We’ve talked a lot about the flood of content users see every day. And when it comes to what content sticks out to those users, keeping it relevant is a game changer. As Unbounce says, “your visitors’ attention spans are lower than ever; an offer has to communicate relevance immediately.” Think about it – how many times have you been shopping online and used the “sort by relevance” feature? Consumers today want what they see to immediately solve their problem or fulfill their need.

How it Works

You can’t talk about relevance without mentioning that show. Game of Thrones is, arguably, one of the most talked about series right now. So if you’re looking for a handbook on brands creating relevant content, take a look at the brands who capitalized on the show’s final season.

relevance, Sort By Relevance: Keeping Content Fresh relevance, Sort By Relevance: Keeping Content Freshrelevance, Sort By Relevance: Keeping Content FreshOreo, Urban Decay and many more brands like Adidas and Mountain Dew, made Game of Thrones branded products for the season. Starbucks, on the other hand, received “well over $1 million in word-of-mouth” marketing when a cup resembling theirs appeared in an episode. These brands captured a “viral moment” to promote their product. Word-of-mouth marketing is not a new strategy, but brands have been able to utilize this type of strategy and capitalize on Game of Thrones’ level of success (e.g. relevance) like never before.

Why it Works

Word-of-mouth is a strategy that’s been proven to work, getting people to talk about your brand. And when something is relevant people will talk about it. So naturally your brand wants to stay relevant. The way it works is pretty simple, but hard to achieve. To go off the Starbucks example, at least one person who drove past a Starbucks location stopped because of all of the buzz. When content embeds itself into current events, it embeds itself into the minds of consumers.

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