So, we’ve covered the importance of targeted ads on this blog before. We’ve even touched on targeting with your sponsored posts on social media. But understanding who to target is a science of its own. At Wolf & Key, our team works on identifying who is most likely to be interested in the product or service our clients provide. That way no money is wasted advertised to people who probably wouldn’t buy the product or service.

How do we do this? Well, those are trade secrets… But we can give you a sneak peek into our brains and tell you why this matters so much. 

Our Brainwaves

Identifying a target audience is a skill that takes a while to develop. To do this, you have to get into the mind of your potential buyers. Instead of working from the inside out, you have to look from the outside in. You have to step out of the mind of a marketer, stepping into the mind of a buyer instead. If you were looking to purchase a car, for example, what kind of advertising would you want to see? Those are the kinds of advertisements that you should produce. 

Of course, we have a few tricks up our sleeves as a digital marketing agency. But those are those trade secrets we were talking about. 

The Results

When you target your ads correctly, the results multiply by huge numbers. Why? Well, once you’ve gotten into the mind of your ideal consumer, you’ll be able to make them feel what you want them to. When done correctly, and shown to the right audience, this makes them feel exactly that. If someone’s looking for a car, it’s a marketer’s job to convince them of what car they need. In addition to this, it saves money that could otherwise be wasted. Every set of eyes on your ad costs money. Why waste showing it to people who aren’t going to take action from those ads? 

For help identifying, creating, and targeting your audience, apply to be a client with Wolf & Key. We’ll get the results you’ve been searching for.