90 percent. That’s how many users say that a product video helps them decide on their purchase. 4.6 billion. That’s how many video ads are viewed every year according to a 2019 study. If these numbers don’t convince you, think back to how many videos you’ve watched in the last week. Advertisement or not, if you’re like 85% of the population, you’ve watched a lot of videos.

Video marketing is bigger today than it’s ever been. Humans are visual creatures and, because of this, they enjoy things that are visually stimulating. The proof is in the numbers, and this is why video in digital marketing is so important.

Play by Numbers

The statistics are clear: Video content makes the world of difference when it comes to engagement. In fact, the average user spends 88% more time on websites that have video content. On top of that, the recall of a call to action (or CTA) in a video is astounding when compared to that of text.

When a call to action is in text format, only 10% of users remember the CTA as opposed to 95% of users when it’s in video format. And, since marketers are always searching for leads, video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year.

With numbers like these, it’s clear that video marketing is something that needs to be utilized in any successful marketing strategy.

How it Succeeds

Shareable content is what marketers strive to create. There’s a very specific recipe for creating sharable content. The two ingredients here are relevance and opinions. Creating content that has these two factors makes a world of difference because they make it easier for users to relate to. Matt Bellassai, a comedian and content creator, nailed this formula in his Buzzfeed series “Whine About It.” He took topics that were relevant to his audience and added his opinion on things like “the worst things about fall.”  

So using this formula within video content is like a magic potion. It skyrockets your video to success and, if you’re lucky, can make it go viral.

“Viral videos” are the result of hard work. The reward you get if you’ve made that great shareable content. The trophy that’s proof of your success. This is a video that is shared across the Internet that many people watch. Many commercials have achieved this viral status, and recognition of their brand soars after they’re released. After all, who wouldn’t want their brand attached to something everyone talks about?

Here at Wolf & Key, we have a wonderful team that works hard on creating video content for our clients. From brainstorming to editing, we are able to bring their vision to life and increase brand awareness, leads and conversions. If you’re looking for help with video content or any of your digital marketing needs, check out our application page.