We talk a lot on the blog about how to get more followers on social media, how to market yourself on social media, all that. But as you’re rocking social media, the question then becomes one of how to turn social media followers into real clients. Because you spend all this time getting thousands of Instagram followers and tons of likes on Facebook, but then what do you do with them? Well, we’re gonna cover that right now.

Building Relationships is Step 1

One of the main goals of building your social media presence is to get your business and your name in front of people. You want people aware of and talking about your product, brand, and company (even if it’s just your culture). The more people you can connect with, the more chances you have of getting someone in your door. Because once you build a good rapport on social, the minute someone needs what you’ve got, they’ll come straight to you before they go to anyone else. That’s exactly what you want.

Bottom line, engage with your followers. Share the photos they share of your products or business. People love feeling like they’re noticed on social media, so respond to comments and tagged images so followers feel like you like them. Even just that is a great place to start turning social media followers into real customers.

Step 2: Offer Everything You’ve Got

Building relationships is step one of how to turn social media followers into real clients. Step two is about getting those relationships to engage with you. Once you get engagement, you get sales. Keep in mind that someone who buys from you once is likely to buy from you again. So getting that first buy is the most crucial and the most difficult.

Here’s one of the best ways to get the first buy: give shit away.

For real. Anything and everything you can. Even if that’s just a promo code. People love getting things for cheaper than what they really are, it’s just science. Promotions offered to social media followers exclusively is a great way to build your social presence while simultaneously turning those followers into customers. You can also offer giveaways and drawings for one of your products or services. Offer something exclusive if people sign up for your email newsletter and you’ll build an even larger chain of potential customers.

Your followers want to be your customers

If you curate your social media through engaging photos and content, your followers will want to be your clients. Make that food look bomb. Make that massage look like it’s just the most relaxing thing anyone could ever experience. Make that *whatever* look like something your social media followers want to give their money to.

That way, when you post saying you’re offering 15 or 20 or 1873% off, they’ll jump at the chance. They’ll tag their friends in a giveaway to win whatever you’re promoting. When you ask for something, they’ll come running. Then once they’ve experienced how awesome you really are, you’ll have a customer for life.


The great thing about social media is that once you have someone who really loves your product, you can capitalize on the fact that they’ll tell people about it. That’s where brand ambassadors come in, or even just sharing your customer’s photos so they’ll share more. A lot of brands and small businesses have started offering discounts (or even just the possibility of a shoutout) if you share their product on social media and tag them in it. Best idea ever, if you ask us.

How to turn social media followers into real clients?

Step 1: Build relationships with them so they go to you first.

Step 2: Give shit away.

It’s that simple.

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