Your brand. What is it? What color do you see when you think of it? How does it talk? What kinds of jokes does it make?

What? A brand doesn’t talk, right? 


Your brand needs to be more than just an aesthetic that stays constant through your graphics. It needs to be more than just similar fonts or taglines. You need to form it into something that consumers can connect and interact with. 

Why it Matters:

When your brand has a personality, it becomes memorable. When your brand is memorable, you gain brand awareness. When you gain brand awareness, you get more sales. Leads, sales, conversions, whatever it is your brand is looking to gain, using a unique “voice” or “personality” will help. 

Think of it from your own perspective. Would you buy from a brand that sounds robotic, bland or boring? Or would you prefer an engaging, funny brand that stands out? If you’re like most consumers, you’d lean towards the engaging one. 

How it Works: 

So what’s a real-world example of how this works? Take Chipotle’s Twitter for one. This brand does a remarkable job at taking viral trends and making it work for them. Here are some examples:

personality, Personality Matters: Developing a Brand Voice

personality, Personality Matters: Developing a Brand Voice

Chipotle has curated a funny, “viral” Twitter account. Because of this, their brand awareness has shot through the roof, meaning consumers will (even subconsciously) continue giving Chipotle their business. 

Another brand with a lot of personality is Apple. It may not be known for its snarky replies, but when people think of Apple, they likely think sleek, sophisticated, elevated… From their informative presence on social media to the packaging of their products. Across the board, they present themselves as a well put together brand. This is a personality in itself. 

Patagonia. What do you think of when you hear Patagonia? 

If they’ve done their job right, then you probably think adventure. That’s because they’ve branded themselves as an adventurous company for adventurous people. The account posts a lot of pictures like this: 

personality, Personality Matters: Developing a Brand Voice

By curating a brand rich with adventure, it creates strong recognition. When people think of adventure, they now think of Patagonia. See how that works?

These are only a few of the countless examples of brands with strong personalities. What matters is that it works. Becoming known for something means your brand is succeeding. If you’re in need of help when it comes to your brand, reach out today