“Literally, Wolf & Key revolves around me… no don’t quote that!” -Kevin

We’ve become aware of an issue.

A question, if you will. We’ve become aware of the fact that people have no idea what Kevin actually does at Wolf & Key. Which is actually hilarious, because we need Kev around here. Like we really need him. He does a LOT of stuff for us and we really need all that stuff done. Technically, everything Wolf & Key does revolves around what Kevin does. *We’re getting really nervous* Just kidding. But for real, Kevin’s actual job is not getting drunk. Here’s what Kevin Kennedy actually does at Wolf & Key.

In Short: Kev’s Our Pay-Per-Click Guy

What’s PPC? Check out our blog on that subject here. This is about Kev.

In long (what?), Kevin plans, builds, and implements all the paid traffic campaigns for all our clients and us. He manages all the technology and systems we use internally and for our clients. He maintains strategic partnerships with certain platforms (like our email system, Howl). He analyzes every piece of data that comes out of every campaign we run for ourselves and our clients. And he uses those analytics to optimize current and future campaigns. He even does web development to help optimize paid traffic campaigns.

That’s a lot o’ crap, here’s some more

What does it actually mean? When we say pretty much everything we do as a company revolves around what Kevin does, we mean it kind of starts and ends with him. Here’s basically how we do things at Wolf & Key:

We’ll get a lead on a client who needs digital marketing. Which is great cause that’s what we do. So we get in touch with that client, figure out they need, and pass that on to our main team. They get put their heads together and come up with a plan for how to best help that client. That process involves a pretty significant amount of research on Kev and Taylor’s part, because they dig into the campaigns the client already has and the analytics from those campaigns. They then use all that data to figure out what we can improve for that business.

Then the client is all like “my gosh this is awesome please take all our money” and our team gets to work. We start out with what we call a Big Idea Meeting. Our entire team gets together and we come up with the best, most effective way to market this client in their specific industry. A lot of figuring that out includes Kevin coming up with a funnel for the client to make sure we’re targeting the right people on the right platforms. We come up with three campaign ideas, then start on the creatives.

Those include:

  1. Landing pages and/or entirely new websites from the web design department
  2. logos and display ads from our graphic designers
  3. video campaigns
  4. social media campaigns
  5. loads more

Building out paid traffic campaigns using creative content

Our creative team develops all this content while working closely with Kev because he’s got to build paid traffic campaigns with it. He also looks at analytics, loads of data, and research to build PPC campaigns that target the right audience.

Once everything’s together, we launch all these campaigns the team has worked so hard to build, and Kev starts collecting even more data. He then spends the rest of his life optimizing campaigns to make them perform better and doing research to make sure he knows the newest shit possible. That way, when he meets regularly with clients (which he also does), he can bring the best to the table.

Told you — Kev’s actually really smart

Because aside from all this work he puts in for our clients, he also consistently comes up with new ideas for Wolf & Key itself. Pretty frequently you’ll hear someone asking Kev for help with anything from web design to the email system.

One of our favorite things Kev has done is he helped develop a platform that gathers data into a super understandable dashboard that each one of our clients has access to. They can log in to that platform and look at real-time results from how many followers they’ve gained on Instagram to where their PPC dollars are going to how many phone calls and emails are coming in from each one of our ads on every platform.

Kevin knows a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff

Of course, what he knows best, still, is how to drink Budweiser.

Long story sort of short, we appreciate Kevin for a lot of reasons around here. Yes he’s a badass data analytics and paid traffic dude. And yeah he’s super good at making our clients a LOT of money. But he’s also really great at shooting people with nerf guns, dancing to Kesha, and filming Drunk Website Reviews.