How to Install Subdomains – Adam Talks – Eps. 8


Before you can install a subdomain you need to make sure you own a regular domain. Check out this post for info about how to do that!

Once you own a domain, a subdomain can be created!

How to install a subdomain through CPanel

First, login to Cpanel. Generally this can be done by going to your domain and then add “:2083” on the end of the URL (without the quotations).

Once you’ve logged in, scroll down the page until you reach the section labeled “Domains”. Within that section is an option labeled “Subdomains”. Go ahead and click it.

On the next page you will be greeted with the option of: subdomain, domain, and document root. Choose “Subdomain”.

Here’s an example of what a subdomain would look like:

Subdomain name: blog

Domain name.


So, in essence, your subdomain just appears before your main domain name. Type in your subdomain in the correct field, and then choose from the dropdown the domain that you want the subdomain to be a part of.

When you’re creating your subdomain and organizing it in your site, remember that all websites have to be held in an html type folder, or generally public_html will also be a safe bet.

Once you have that, just click create and you’ll have your subdomain.

That’s how to install a subdomain

For real, not Adam’s… uh… not correct way. Head to the comments with questions and stay tuned for more Adam Talks next week!