Today, we’re seeing more developments in technology than ever before. From AI assistants to self-driving cars to computers that work faster than a thought crosses our mind, it’s a rapidly changing landscape. And when you specialize in marketing that uses all of these technologies, it is intimidating to navigate through all of it.

The team at Wolf & Key does a lot to stay on top of these developments. And it shows in the work we produce.

Virtually Impossible

As far as technological advancements go, the use of virtual reality in marketing has skyrocketed. After Ikea introduced an app with an augmented reality feature, it got downloaded 8.5 million times. Or take the “It” virtual reality experience released a month before the release of the new movie.

It’s not just virtual reality, though. It’s also marketing strategies, the expectations your buyers have, and how you have to appeal to them. There’s a shift in everything. So how do you keep up with all of it?

A Step Ahead

At Wolf & Key, we continue to educate ourselves on new technology and advancements in the digital world. We believe that you can’t be the best unless you can keep up with the best. As Google Premier Partners, we’re required to keep up with new, cutting-edge certifications. In addition to educating ourselves on new technology, we also have multiple platforms that help us improve all of our processes. These include listening tools for social media so we can track our client’s success, funnel tools that we use to make sure our pay-per-click buildouts as successful as possible.

We are well versed in technology (new and old) to make it work for us. But, more than that, we are driven by a love for this profession, a love for everything new that we use to improve our strategies.

We aren’t letting technology run us. We’re running with technology, and using it to help us grow.

No matter what you expect from your digital marketing agency, be confident that they’re fueled by this same hunger for innovation and improvement. If you’re in the market for digital marketing help in this fast-paced world, check out our application page today.