“Oh yeah, that stuff is the shit”- Derek, a real chef (& our video intern)

A few days ago, someone said the words “Kerrygold butter” in the office and we all lost our minds because Kerrygold butter is BOMB. Here’s why we think it’s the best thing on the planet and it’s definitely better than “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter” because that TRASH isn’t even butter.

Reasons Kerrygold is the Best Butter on the Planet

1. It comes from Ireland and have you ever seen Ireland? It’s heaven. It looks like this.

Kerrygold butter, Why Kerrygold Butter is the Shit2. It comes from grass-fed cows and that matters a lot. Also the cows live in Ireland and have you seen Ireland?

Kerrygold butter, Why Kerrygold Butter is the Shit

3. You can get it in massive amounts at Costco for like $2 (that’s not at all the correct price)

4. Their logo is so wonderfully Celtic that you look at it and feel like you just got immediately transported to the Irish countryside. Now you get to take a nice stroll along the rolling hills with a Guinness in hand, admiring your Shire-like existence in the peaceful, misty evenings. (That’s a pretty good logo)

5. Irish butter is better than other butter in literally every way. It has a higher butterfat content, so it’s creamier and richer, giving it a glorious flavor. And, even though it does have a higher butterfat content, it’s still good for you because it comes from grass-fed cows that live in Ireland and the only ingredients are cream and salt (this statement is, for sure, not true).

Concluding Statements About Kerrygold Butter

The Kerrygold website for real says that Kerrygold salted butter is “made for a scrumptious slice of toast”. They use the word “scrumptious”, we’re not even kidding. American butter just isn’t cool enough to keep up with not only the flavor, texture, purity, and creaminess of Kerrygold Irish butter, but it doesn’t even have cool design or a grand website that makes you want to see if you can eat a tub of their product in under 5 minutes.

And that’s why Kerrygold butter is the shit.