It’s officially the holidays

And y’all know what that means… arguing! Yay! But for real, when have the holidays not brought on some sort of debate? So, for SEO purposes, we’re jumping in on the fun around here. Seeing as this blog will post on Thanksgiving, we figured it would be fun to get the Pack’s opinion about this particular holiday. It’s the great thanksgiving debate!

We have our predictions about the types of answers we’ll get from each of the Pups and our Alphas, but let’s see if we’re right:

Thanksgiving: Love it or Hate it?

Adam: Love

“I love thanksgiving. I strongly believe that thankfulness is at the heart of happiness, so although I always concentrate on my blessings, this holiday is one of my favorites. When you pile on family fun, games, pumpkin flavored things, and green bean casserole eating contests, it’s one of the best days of the year.”

Taylor: Love

“I love thanksgiving. Family, food… and more foods.”

Michaela: Love

“Because you get to eat great Thanksgiving food and you’re surrounded by the people you love. #cheese”

Lynn: Love

I love it with all my heart. It’s my favorite holiday by far. Not only is it the start of the Christmas season (which is my favorite season but not holiday), but you get all the best food without any of the stress of buying shit for people. It’s the best of Christmas without the worst of Christmas (i.e. Christians freaking out about Jesus [who I LOVE, BTW, but it’s annoying AF], moms screaming at their kids in every store while trying to shop for presents no one deserves, all that jazz). Also I LOVE THE THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE, but the dog show after is almost just as good. And did I mention Thanksgiving food?

Russ: Hate

“I dislike all the food associated with it.”

Kevin: Love

“Because I love food… And beer… And family… but if we are going by order… Beer… Food… Family…”

Emilie: Love

“Thanksgiving is one of the few times a year that I get a chance to see my extended family. We always get a bunch of relatives flying out from Michigan to stay with us over the holidays, so our whole house just gets super full and cozy. Loud, but cozy.”

Campbell: Love

“Cause it’s the only day it’s socially acceptable to gorge yourself on food. Also we have tons of cousins on my mom’s side, so we had like 50 people over every Thanksgiving and it was awesome.”

Spencer: Love

“I love it! Its like Christmas without all the stress of presents and shopping and exceptions, its low key (as far as holidays go) and it centered around community and family and food. its the most American holiday outside of the fourth (we’re the only ones that have that holiday on that day, pilgrims and native Americans, and of course Lincoln started the tradition in the middle of the civil war). And it’s withstood any attempt to change it from its original intention after all these years.”

The Great Thanksgiving Debate: Settled

We like it!

Honestly even we were a bit surprised about some of these answers. Spencer was shockingly not-political (though still included historic references)? Michaela wasn’t upset about all the turkey even though she’s vegan? Look at all these Pups getting in the holiday spirit without any fighting. Even Russ, though he’s the only one that doesn’t like it, is entitled to his opinion (and, honestly, we weren’t surprised by that answer). We’re so proud.

How do you feel about Thanksgiving? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Pack!

We’ll be off watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade and drinking.