5 Things in the Detective Pikachu We’re About


Holy S*%^, You Guys.

We’re so effing excited. This is not a drill. Warner Bros. just released a trailer for the new live-action Pokémon movie coming in 2019: Pokémon Detective Pikachu.

This is every 90s kid’s dream. It’s a Pokémon movie that looks like it doesn’t suck?! It actually looks well done?! Incredible. It’s the world we’ve all been waiting for—one where Pokémon actually co-exist with humans and you could be a real Pokémon trainer.

We’re an office filled with nerds. We’re talkin’ the type of people who crowded around a computer to watch TheJWittz finally catch his shiny Dialga. So it’s sort of needless to say, we’re really excited right now.

Based just on the new Detective Pikachu trailer that was released earlier today, here are our initial thoughts and feelings about what we’re looking forward to most.

5 Things We Can’t Wait to See in the New Detective Pikachu Movie

1. Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu

Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Ryan Reynolds is on a role and is sure to bring in just the right amount of humor and stellar voiceover acting to the role. Plus, he’ll add credibility to hopefully help this movie reach audiences that may not be interested otherwise. Some may say they can only hear Deadpool, but that’s their problem.

2. Live-action Pokémon

Look at Pikachu’s adorable face and fluffy fur. Yeah apparently there’s debate about whether that’s cool or not, but we like it. Beyond that, though, how cool is it to see all the Pokémon look so real. Like they could actually co-exist in the world as our best friends. Dream come true.

3. That kid from Jurassic World

“Hey it’s that kid” was the first thing out of all our mouths when we watched the trailer. But for real, Justice Smith did a great job in Jurassic World and he’s blowing up on the movie scene right now. Another excellent cast, in our opinion.

4. The massive amount of Pokémon spotted in the Detective Pikachu trailer

Jigglypuff. Greninja. Charizard. Bulbasaur with an adorable, sleeping (he better not be dead) Pikachu being carried in the background. Bouffalant. Dodrio. Squirtle makes an appearance. Those are just a few of the Pokémon spotted in the Detective Pikachu trailer. What more could you want? Except Psyduck, Comfey, Braviary… all there too, and then some. Facebook timelines are blowing up with everyone listing all the awesome Pokémon just in the trailer, but then there are also the posters!

5. A good script

It seems like there was actually effort put into writing a great script and interesting storyline simply based on the short excerpt we see of Detective Pikachu interrogating Mr. Mime. It’s got some humor in there and all the girls were like “aww Pikachu” probably at least 3 times while watching the trailer.

We’re Pumped for Detective Pikachu

From all the Pokémon we spotted in the Detective Pikachu trailer to the dream world that this movie seems to bring to life, we’re just generally super excited for next summer. Even if you haven’t been into Pokémon your entire life, it still looks fun and like it’ll be a great movie to get people interested in the franchise as a whole.

All that being said, peace out. We’re gonna go watch the Detective Pikachu trailer 500 more times because all the feels.