PPC. You’ve heard the term, you’ve heard the context, you know what it stands for (pay-per-click). But, what is it? One of the marketing industry’s favorite keywords, this concept is widely known but narrowly understood. In short, it’s a technique that allows companies to purchase visits to their websites. But there’s so much more to PPC. So let’s dive into what exactly it is and why it’s so important to understand. 

What it Looks Like

When you’re scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and you see another advertisement for that thing you’ve been debating on for months. Maybe it’s the third or fourth time you’ve seen that Patagonia jacket flashed across your timeline. So finally, you click on it. You’re directed to a page where you have the opportunity to purchase that jacket that’s been taunting you for what feels like a lifetime. You clicked, and the website paid. Pay-per-click. 

That’s a walkthrough of what a PPC ad looks like. But why is it so important to understand? Well, if this is done wrong, it can cost your business a lot more than a click is worth. 

Why it Matters

With pay-per-click, you only pay the platform that you’re using when a user clicks on the ad or, in some cases, just seeing that ad. But that’s a topic for another day. Beyond that, it’s up to the content on your landing page or website to seal the conversion. But PPC is an extremely cost-effective and successful way to market your business to a large number of people. It’s also one of the quickest ways to get traction on any campaign. Because of that, you get results faster too. A PPC campaign is a crucial part of any successful marketing strategy. We’ve seen these results firsthand, which is why we’re certain that PPC ads are so important. 

On top of that, Google is the most popular PPC platform, which is why working with a Google Premier Partner is so important. Have we mentioned before that we’re certified? Well, whether we can help you with PPC or any of the other digital marketing services we offer, reach out today to become a client with Wolf & Key.