Video marketing is a tricky science. If your content is too short, it doesn’t get the point across. Too long and you lose the audience. Finding the balance in between can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Writing a script beforehand is an essential step in most videos, marketing content included. Here we break down five of our favorite tips and tricks to build a successful script. 

#1: Hook, Line & Sinker

Whenever you’re trying to catch (and hold) attention, a hook is a must. There’s a huge amount of content available to users. That means if yours doesn’t hook them, they’ll watch the next video. Think about your favorite video ads. Did they grab your attention right away? The odds are that they did. So don’t underestimate the importance of a hook in your video.

#2: Stick it to Them Early

In the hook, or as soon as possible, let viewers know what you’re selling. Even if they don’t finish the video, this way you’ve planted the idea of your offer in their heads. Otherwise, you might be left with a confusing video like a recently revived Subway commercial. It’s notoriously impossible to guess what the ad is for until the last few seconds. Clarity is a powerful tool in all marketing efforts, videos included. 

#3: Cut it Down

When writing your script, make it shorter than the video itself will be. Why? Because, inevitably, when you film the video it will become longer than you planned. You will have time for the pauses and reactions that are human nature when speaking. 

#4: Let’s Chat

The tone should be conversational. People don’t watch ads to feel like they’re in a high school classroom being lectured. They watch them because they’re more interpersonal than text ads or graphics. A conversational tone brings the audience into the ad. Script this out beforehand to make it sound more natural. 

#5: Belt it Out 

When you script this out before you film it, always read it aloud. A chef doesn’t make a new dish without tasting it. You shouldn’t film a video before testing it. You’ll get a feel of how it sounds, how it feels and how long it’ll be. Don’t cut corners when this step could make or break a successful video ad. 

These are just a few of our favorite video advertising tips. Making a successful video is a craft that has to be perfected over time. With a team that stays up to date with videography trends and skills, we are passionate about this art. If you’re in need of any digital marketing services, reach out today and apply to be a client.