We’ve spoken a lot about what makes digital marketing different from traditional marketing. However, that doesn’t mean that traditional strategies didn’t impact the way marketing today works. Without traditional marketing, we wouldn’t have most of the techniques we use today. So, although we might be a bit biased towards digital marketing, traditional marketing has made all of this possible. 

The Strategies

Most innovation comes from an attempt to solve a problem. One of the most powerful tools in digital marketing is our ability to target specific audiences. Because traditional marketing is less controlled, there was a need for something different. On top of inspiring change, the local impact of traditional marketing is still used in digital marketing. A huge benefit of traditional marketing is its ability to reach local audiences. You’re able to provide local people with local solutions, like a lawyer’s services two blocks away, or the closest dentist. This is something digital marketing is able to emulate, again with targeting. The biggest difference with this kind of targeting is that with digital marketing, you’re able to refine things even further to reach even more “qualified leads.”

The Language

While slang has changed (a lot) since the beginning of traditional marketing, there are consistencies in how you speak to an audience. Take a look at this Lego ad from the 1960’s and a 2019 Budweiser ad. Both pieces of marketing appeal to a consumer’s desires and pain points. Lego by pointing out that some Christmas presents are forgotten by the next day and Budweiser by appealing to conscious consumers. This strategy of understanding your buyers enough to speak to them through ads has always been important, whether traditional or digital. 

strategies, How Traditional Marketing Shaped Digital Strategies

These are only a few of the ways the marketing strategies of the past have influenced the way we do things now. To work with a team dedicated to building your digital presence, apply to be a client with Wolf & Key today.