Your Google Adwords Quality Score estimates the overall quality of your keywords, ads, and landing pages in relation to one another.  This 1 – 10 rating is evaluated primarily at the keyword level, determining the relevance and effectiveness of your PPC strategies.  Quality Score looks at three different factors: expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience. Don’t freak out yet…here are three simple reasons a good quality score is essential.

Reason #1: Great Clickthrough Rates

The Higher your Quality Score, the Higher your Clickthrough Rates

Your Quality Score evaluates the effectiveness of your ads’ expected clickthrough rates.  The higher your Quality Score, the better your clickthrough rates.  The better your clickthrough rates, the more money you’ll save on pay-per-click.  But that’s not all.  Ads that have better clickthrough rates (and therefore higher Quality Scores) get more views than the average ad.  That means these high-ranking ads are engaging, compelling, and contain relevant copy.  In a nutshell, better Quality Scores translate to better clickthrough rates.  Because of this, your Quality Score helps you get a better picture of just how well your ads are performing.  Online advertising just got a whole lot easier to manage.

Reason #2: Better Audience Reach

The Higher Your Quality Score, The Easier it is to Increase Traffic to your Ads

Ad relevance is huge in Googles algorithm, in both the ad and the organic SEO world. Consider the following example: You own a restaurant that prioritizes quality, organic ingredients.  You take pride in your company’s dedication to healthy foods, and you want to showcase this message to a health-conscious audience.  But there’s just one problem: Your ads only seem to appear when people search for “fast food near me”. Suddenly, your company’s high quality ingredients don’t look so appetizing when they’re lumped into the middle of a “McDonald’s” and “Arby’s” ad sandwich.   When your keywords aren’t doing you justice, your ad relevance will suffer.  And when your ad relevance suffers, your Quality Score will let you know.  Because of this, your Quality Score helps you keep track of your audience reach.  Having a High Quality Score means you’re in it to win it.  Having a low Quality Score, on the other hand, means you’ve still got some work to do; it will help you determine if your ad copy and keywords are in desperate need of a rewrite, making it easier to avoid low ad relevance catastrophes.  Put simply, Quality Scores help you shoot for high ad performance, high audience reach, and lots of high dollar amounts for your company.

Reason #3: Awesome Landing Page Experience

The Higher Your Quality Score, The Better The Experience from Ads to Landing Page

Your Quality Score is a great indicator of how awesome your landing page is performing.  Why?  Because your Quality Score will answer three important questions for you: How relevant is the content of the landing page (again, as it relates to the keywords and then ads that led the searcher to it)? People don’t like to click and scroll (and click some more) just to find one website.  Be sure to make it easier on them. How useful is the content of the landing page? To have “useful” landing page content means having copy that is accurate and easy to follow.  How original is the content of the landing page?  If your viewers find themselves saying “I’ve seen this before”, they’re likely to lose interest.

Quality Score addresses all these questions, and tells you how your answers stack up to Google requirements.

Think of it this way: These are the numbers that affect the rest of your company’s numbers.  They give you a picture of the user experience your searchers are getting, and that can affect how many users Google sends your way. Think of it as a digital professor, grading your progress while nudging you in the right direction every step of the way.  Who couldn’t use a cyber sensei every once in awhile?

Think about your Clickthrough Rate, Ad Relevance, and Landing Page experience.