The art of online pay-per-click advertising has become a puzzle of ad text, keywords, and search rankings. Even after countless hours of research and optimization, you can still find yourself struggling to make your Google ads work for you. But don’t sweat it, the Wolf Pack is here to help. Our PPC department’s secret? Google ad extensions. There are tons of extensions you could use, but we’ve narrowed down the best Google ad extensions for most businesses and explained them below.

Here’s our list of the best Google ad extensions:

Sitelink Ad Extensions

Sitelink ad extensions are additional links to pages within your company’s web page that are displayed below your regular ad copy.  Essentially, this extension makes it so that potential customers can jump easily to certain pages on your site, such as services you offer or specific products. At their core, sitelink ad extensions are used to help your ad stand out from the rest of the online competition and increase your company’s click-through rate at the same time. For more info about what sitelink extensions do and how to set them up, check out this page.

Call Ad Extensions

As the name implies, call ad extensions give you the opportunity to include a phone number in your ad text.  Not only does that make it easier for your customers to contact you, but it also draws positive attention to your ad. Google has estimated that visible phone numbers can increase your ad’s click-through rates by as much as 6-8%, which is a ton.

Because Google no longer allows phone numbers to be included in ad copy, call extensions are the best way to display your company’s phone number.

Location Ad Extensions

In the same family as call extensions, location Google ad extensions allow you to display your business address and an official map marker without eating up any additional space in your character count. When you link your Google MyBusiness account to AdWords, this extension will also allow you to show your business’ reviews on Google, giving your ad a well-deserved boost.

Location ad extensions are a great way to make your business seem more enticing to both local and not-so-local searchers. There is tons more to read on this extension, so we suggest checking out what Google has to say about it.

Callout Ad Extensions

Callout ad extensions are short blurbs of text (such as “same-day delivery”, “30-day results”, and “free shipping”) that appear just beneath your ad text and allow you to display what sets your business apart from the competition. These are simply another way to help you stand out in Google searches, giving you the chance to state what makes your business special. More from Google here!

The Secret of Google Ad Extensions

We like letting you in a trade secrets cause we’re just super nice, so here’s a huge one for you.

According to Google’s observations, every business should be running at least four different Google ad extensions on every campaign.  Doing this will ensure that your ad attracts the right amount of positive attention. Think of it as quadrupling your success rates.

When you’re just starting to figure out how to use google ad extensions, start with our recommendations above. In general, these are the best Google ad extensions for most businesses. And always feel free to ask us questions in the comments.

We’d be happy to help, but if you need more in-depth guidance, let us take the reigns and we’ll not only keep you updated on what we’re doing for your Google pay-per-click, but we’ll explain why it’s the best way to go for your business.