Let’s talk video marketing, and how to do it well.

There’s a reason videos are everywhere in the marketing world: They work. In fact, 87% of online marketers use video content. In other words, videos are a force to be reckoned with. That’s why we’re here to let you in on the secrets of successful video marketing.

1) Keep it simple.

Don’t over complicate your production process. You’ll just be wasting your time (and your viewers time) in the long-run. As they say, content is the currency of the day, and sometimes you just need an iPhone to make it happen.

First things first with video marketing: Establish the look and feel of your video. Then you’ll be able to start trimming around the edges. Your backgrounds, embellishments, and delivery methods should highlight the theme of your video, but you should always keep them simple and consistent.

2) Keep it short and sweet.  

Attention spans are short af nowadays. So if you want to catch some prospects, you’re going to have to reel them in quickly. Video marketing is also about being concise and catchy!

Try breaking your topic down into easily consumable chunks, with only one/two major points per video. Stagger them across your social media schedule, and you’ll create heaps of organic hype. Remember to be energetic and charismatic on video!

As you continue to build interest, your viewers will keep coming back for more, but it takes time and consistency. Keep it short, keep it valuable!

3) Give your audience a backstage pass.

You and your team are more than just busy bees. You’re part of the brand, and if anyone is going to increase your company’s likability factor, it’ll be you.

Great use of video marketing means showing your viewers what a typical day looks like in the office. Let them see your personality! Take your viewers along with you on company outings. Let them in on the fun, the hard work, and the office shenanigans alike. When you remind them that behind your brand are a bunch of quirky humans, they’ll feel much more comfortable in engaging with you. Video doesn’t always have to be perfect, sometimes it just has to be real.

4) Connect with your target market.

You could create an amazing video with a trendy theme and a personable tone. But that won’t exactly go over well if your target market happens to be a fellow business partner and they were expecting a more formal delivery.

Your target market has needs. And it’s up to you to connect with those needs and resonate with them. Take some time to identify your target market’s priorities. Then you can start creating goals for your topics and mapping your videos accordingly. It’s all about giving your target audience the content they’re looking for.

Video content is all the rage right now. And when used properly, you’ll be able to turn those hyped-up viewers into loyal consumers. Like anything else in the internet marketing world, the key is to increase engagement. And with these new tips under your video-creating tool belt, your target market will be eagerly awaiting your next video release.