We’ve talked in the past about how technology is changing the marketing game. With innovations happening every day, it remains true. Now technology is so advanced that companies can advertise to specific locations. This is called geomarketing, and it’s a great example of how far things have come from the billboard days. This works so well because location is just as important as any other demographic. For example, you wouldn’t be likely to see surf camp advertisements in the middle of a desert town. Location matters, and that’s why geo-marketing can turn a struggling campaign into a successful one.

How it Works

Geomarketing works by showing ads to specific people in specific locations. The science behind this is a whole different beast, consisting of intuitive GPS information and more. An easy example that is often used is the geotargeting of stadiums. If an event is going on in a stadium, brands that are relevant to the event can target those people. The ‘how’ behind it is hard to explain, and we at Wolf & Key have experts on that for a reason. However, the ‘why’ behind it is much easier to understand.

Why it Works

“Where you are is who you are.” This quote, said by Lara Mehanna of Sonata, summarizes why geotargeting works. A lot can be understood about your target market based on where they are. Another reason it works is the power of “in the moment marketing.” This relies on the idea that real-time, relevant ads draw people in to make quick purchases. An example of this would be a customer walking past a store and seeing an ad on their phone for 20% off. This results in an increase in sales because the leads it’s driving in are already interested.

Overall the tool of geomarketing is incredibly powerful, and when used correctly will increase sales and build amazing brand awareness. At the end of the day, that’s what clients are interested in. Here at Wolf & Key we have a skilled team that would love to help create a strategy for your company. If you’re interested in this service, or anything else our team can do for you, head over to our application page today.