Dynamic ads, a marketer’s secret weapon. But what on earth are they? The word ‘dynamic’ can mean a lot of different things, but if it’s such a great tool, shouldn’t everyone know about it? At Wolf & Key, we believe you should. Which is why this blog will cover what these things are and what they can do for your company.

What Are These?

A dynamic ad is a unique tool that marketers use to catch leads that wouldn’t get to them otherwise. Even with an incredibly successful campaign, there can be holes that important traffic slips through. In their most basic form, they are search ads that appear based on what content is on your site. Google, in all its intuitive power, will comb your website and match its ads to search terms that relate to whatever content your website holds.

With each dynamic ad, there is a certain amount of creative materials (like copy, video, imagery, etc.). Intuitively, and with a lot of amazing technology, Facebook and Google develop user-specific ads. This is, basically, the epitome of intentional advertising. That’s because they create them based on that specific user’s habits such as search history, purchase history, interests and more. Using that information, they will create an ad made up of the content that will best appeal to the consumer. Isn’t technology amazing?

What Do They Do?

There are many reasons why these ads work so well. One of these is that the users will feel a more personal connection to these products or advertisements. When consumers are made to feel special or unique, sales skyrocket. And, when your brand reaches and connects to people on a personal, one-on-one level, it builds brand loyalty. This is a great example of inbound marketing because it’s drawing the users into the brand, instead of pushing it onto them. People want to buy from brands that value them as people, not transactions. That’s why these personalized, intentional, dynamic advertisements are so impactful.

If your brand is looking to incorporate dynamic ads, or any other digital marketing strategy, let us know. Our team is constantly staying up to date with new techniques and strategies. Let us help keep your brand’s advertising fresh and cutting-edge.