With the boom that we’ve seen in social media over the last few years, it’s no wonder that questions regarding privacy have come up. Most notably in the hot seat recently has undeniably been Facebook. With scandals from data security to hate speech and more, they’re in need of some updates (which are in the works).

We acknowledge these issues here at Wolf & Key, and we’re aware of what they could mean. But that doesn’t mean social media isn’t still an amazing and powerful tool in building our clients’ brands.

What This Means for Us

As a digital marketing agency, we feel a certain level of responsibility when it comes to addressing these things. And to protect the privacy of anyone who our work might affect.

For the users who see our ads, that means we’ve targetted them in honest ways that won’t take advantage of their privacy. It means we’ve done our research to make sure they’re a qualified lead.

For the clients that we work with, it means they can trust that we are going to protect their privacy. As well as respect that of their potential customers. It means we acknowledge the problems in the industry and are committed to doing the right thing anyway.

What Can Go Right

Wolf & Key is all about intentionality. Making sure that everything we do has a purpose. Now more than ever, we believe if this is applied to social media too, the negative will be lost in the positive.

Currently, updates are being made to Facebook and Instagram to protect users privacy as well as mediate hate speech. But the responsibility is also on users of social media. Posting and sharing meaningful and intentional content is something that everyone can do. Wolf & Key works hard on providing relevant content that helps improve our social media environment.

If you need assistance in curating your brand’s social feed, head over to our application page and let our social team help you.