Graphic designers are responsible for a lot when it comes to marketing. It’s not just digital marketing they have an influence in. When graphic designers are creating a brand, and keeping that brand consistent across the board, they’re building much more than a few images. They are creating a brand identity. This identity needs to translate across all the different platforms where you can find marketing. That means they have to create an identity that allows a brand to be consistent and cohesive across all channels, like video, print, social media, Google ads and more.

Brand Cohesiveness

The concept of brand cohesiveness is when a brand’s “voice” is portrayed in everything that they do. Graphic designers are a huge part of this. That’s because a good graphic designer knows how to use things like color, fonts, logos and more. This keeps your brand consistent, and consistency is key.

So what comes of having a brand that simply makes sense? Recognition. Your brand will become notable, recognizable, because of common themes used throughout the content they’ve created. It’s crucial to have this sense of consistency because it allows clients and consumers to quickly piece things together. Knowing that all of your content is notably your own is a huge success for a company. Take Coca-Cola for example. You only need to see a small section of their logo or a page on their website you will recognize them through their intentional branding.


One of the biggest obstacles facing so many brands today is adjusting to the overwhelmingly digital world. Not everything that worked in print advertising works with digital, and that’s what brand cohesiveness is all about. Just like a good graphic designer knows how to create a brand identity, they should be able to take those same colors, fonts and logos and give them a modern look. After all, a brand can’t stay the same forever. Otherwise Colgate would still be selling soaps and candles instead of toothpaste.  

Developing content that makes sense together and can stand the test of time may sound easy, but it takes a very special kind of person to actually make it happen. If you need a team of talented designers to help create content to keep your brand solid across the board, check out our application page today.