Maybe you don’t know this, but Wolf & Key does a lot of social media marketing. We’re all over social on a daily basis, managing both our client’s accounts and our own. To make sure we’re posting when we should be and nothings slips through the cracks, we have to make sure we’re not only using a social media management tool, but we’re using the best one available.

We recently decided to change the social media management tool we use here at WK. We’ll explain why we chose to switch, what resources we compared, and go through how you can pick the right management tool for your business!

Our Top Management Options

HooteSuite has been our choice to manage social media since we started WK. It’s been awesome for what we’ve needed it for, but we just had a feeling there could be something better out there. Here were the options we considered and what we think the benefits are of each:


  • Pricing
    • Pro Plan: $49/month
    • Allows for management of up to 15 social media accounts
  • Benefits
    • Suggests content for posts
    • Auto re-uses your posts over time
    • Social Listening – Listen to what followers and competitors are posting
    • Discover the best/worst performing posts on any channel


  • Pricing
    • Pro: $36/mo if you pay for a year in advance, or $45/mo
      • Allows 5 users to manage up to 15 social media accounts
    • Small team: $72/mo if you pay for a year in advance, or $90/mo
      • Allows 10 users to manage up to 15 social media accounts
  • Benefits
    • Includes helpful optimizing tools
    • Audience Targeting
    • Post Preview
    • Approval Workflow
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Content Export


  • Pricing
    • Small: $99/mo
    • Allows for 5 users to manage up to 25 social media accounts
  • Benefits
    • Pablo: Image creator
    • Link shortening and tracking
    • Tailored posts composer


  • Pricing
    • Team: $129/mo
    • Allows 3 users to manage up to 20 social media accounts
  • Benefits
    • Team assignments
    • 1 Custom Branded URL
    • $2,000 per month ad spend limit to boost posts

Which Social Media Management Tool We Chose & Why

Looking at just pricing, we new we could probably do better than HooteSuite.

Side note: each of these resources has multiple pricing plans, so the prices listed are for a company the size of Wolf & Key (the plan you need may be cheaper or more expensive!).

Looking at benefits and pricing, we went with Loomly. The price was way more affordable, and we love the fact that it offers advanced analytics, so we can track the performance of each account we manage. This helps a lot with optimizations and better targeting practices, so we can more easily make sure our clients are reaching the right people through social media. It’s also more user friendly than a lot of the other platforms.

What Should You Chose?

This is one of those things that’s different for every business based on each one’s needs. Picking the right social media management tool depends on pricing, how many accounts you want to manage, how many people will be managing those accounts, and the benefits that matter most to you.

We’d suggest thinking first about what exactly you want to use your social media management tool for, whether it’s just for your business or multiple accounts, then go from there. Analytics are super important to help understand how well your posts are doing, so take that into account. And also pay attention to whether the service offers optimization tips, especially if you aren’t quite a social media expert yet.

More On Social Media

If you’re interested in learning more about what social media marketing is, we have an awesome blog post about just that! We have loads of other posts on social media marketing as well, ranging from Snapchat marketing to blogging, so check them out and let us know your thoughts on management tools in the comments!