Saturday, October 16, 2021
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What the H is PPC?

PPC. You’ve heard the term, you’ve heard the context, you know what it stands for (pay-per-click). But, what is it? One of the marketing industry’s favorite keywords, this concept is widely known but narrowly...

Quality Score: 3 Reasons It Matters & How To Increase It

Your Google Adwords Quality Score estimates the overall quality of your keywords, ads, and landing pages in relation to one another.  This 1 – 10 rating is evaluated primarily at the keyword level, determining the relevance...
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What Kevin Kennedy Actually Does at Wolf & Key

"Literally, Wolf & Key revolves around me... no don't quote that!" -Kevin We've become aware of an issue. A question, if you will. We've become aware of the fact that people have no idea what Kevin...
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The Best Google Ad Extensions & How to Use Them

HOW OUR PPC DEPARTMENT GOT SO AWESOME The art of online pay-per-click advertising has become a puzzle of ad text, keywords, and search rankings. Even after countless hours of research and optimization, you can still...
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What’s a Lead Capture Form and How Do You Use it?

Often overlooked, lead capture forms are actually the start to everything you've been wanting for your business — more leads, more clients, more data. No matter what your business size, whether you're a massage...