The holiday season is approaching, and as we discussed a couple of weeks ago, this means a whole slew of holiday-inspired ads. But anticipating what will come in this season of massive consumerism is an important part of advertising to your customers. Based on research, data and other forms of evidence, there are a few different conclusions that can be made. We’ll cover what those are and how they can be used to your advantage.

Conscious Consumers are Alive and Well

According to the research by Tinuiti, 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for products whose proceeds benefit a good cause. This is consistent with loads of other research that have proven that a new kind of buyer is active and making informed purchases. Knowing this, the team at Wolf & Key highlights our clients’ social impact. We show how they give back to their community, why they are worth consumer’s support and more. 

It’s Probably Not Too Early to Advertise

We’ll admit, even around the office we’ve been sharing some holiday advertisements. After all, the annual John Lewis advertisement was released, and it’s not even Thanksgiving. In fact, shoppers start browsing and researching gift options before Thanksgiving more often than not. Getting into your customer’s mind early on will help you stay present in it throughout the whole holiday season. Even if it feels like Halloween just ended (it did), you can’t be too shocked that holiday gifts are being advertised already. 

Cash In on The Millenial Audience

Often times advertisers will overlook Millenials, not realizing that they’re one of the easiest audiences to reach. According to research, this group does research on Google more than Amazon when it comes to choosing gifts. This means using a great Google Ads strategy can reach, persuade and sell a huge audience on your product. At Wolf & Key, we do a lot of work strategizing on Google Ads (we are Google Premier Partners, you know) to make sure we reach the right people at the right time. 

Holidays are some of the biggest seasons to see heavy cash-flow when businesses advertise correctly. If you own a business or know of a business that could benefit from Wolf & Key’s marketing expertise, reach out. We’ll take great care of you.